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We’re excited to have 29 IES Abroad Correspondents sharing their writing, photography, video, and other creative projects with us in Summer 2019.

There’s no denying it, studying abroad in South Africa changed your life in the big ways you perceive the world and the little day-to-day habits that you still can’t break even after you’ve returned home.

You knew studying abroad in Australia could be life changing, but it probably wasn’t until you returned home that you realize just how much life Down Under changed your mindset and habits in even the smallest ways.

Do you want to study abroad somewhere you can see mountains, rain forests, and salt flats without even leaving the country? If so, this Latin American country is for you.

Explore the life-changing power of study abroad with the insight from a student who has lived it, Collin Thomas, one of our 2019 Ambassadors of the Year.

Step inside the day-to-day journey of living and learning in Japan in this myth-busting, student-authored piece by Samekh Harris Reed, one of our 2019 Ambassadors of the Year.

Congratulations to our 2019 IES Abroad Ambassadors of the Year: Collin Thomas (IES Abroad Santiago, Spring 2017 | Hope College) and Samekh Harris Reed (IES Abroad Tokyo, Spring 2017 | University of Rochester).

Are you ready to fall head over heels for study abroad?

We are proud to congratulate 61 IES Abroad students who have received the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship for the 2018-19 Academic Year.

Studying abroad provides a great opportunity to reinvent yourself. Our Ambassadors tell us how they explored their senses of fashion while abroad.

After studying abroad in Christchurch, New Zealand, Mallory Rotondo (IES Abroad Christchurch, Spring 2014 | Purdue University) went on to become an early intervention speech-language pathologist. Read on to hear how this IES Abroad Scholarship recipient’s study abroad experience gave her the skills necessary to be a more understanding clinician.