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We’re excited to have 29 IES Abroad Correspondents sharing their writing, photography, video, and other creative projects with us in Summer 2019.

There’s a time and place to treat a four-walled room as your classroom, but sometimes your classroom needs to be expanded to include the world itself.

We enjoy a bit of friendly competition every now and then, so when our 2018 Fall semester students participated in our first-ever virtual, live debate tournament between IES Abroad Centers, we were very excited!

IES Abroad Ambassador Mariah Bensley (IES Abroad Siena | Hope College) shares the top five best gluten free dishes she had while living in the carb capital of the world.

We are excited to introduce our 54 Spring 2019 Correspondents who will be sharing their authentic voices on IES Abroad Blogs through their writing, photography, video, and other creative projects.

While studying abroad in Paris, Mike Mentz (IES Abroad Paris French Studies, Fall 2004 | Wake Forest University) found inspiration for his songwriting in every moment—from street sweepers to conversations with his host family. Read on to discover how studying abroad helped Mike prepare for his career as a globetrotting singer and songwriter, and what he hopes listeners take away from his music.

Our Centers around the world each offer a unique and amazing study abroad experience. We could tell you about each location, but pictures are worth a thousand words, so we'll let these photos speak for themselves! Spoiler alert, they're awesome!

This fall, IES Abroad Customized & Faculty-Led Programs launched the Faculty-Led STEM Program Award award, which offers $15,000 towards a Faculty-Led program at any IES Abroad Centers during the 2019 summer term. There is also a $5,000 for the runner-up.

Are you ready to fall head over heels for study abroad?

We get it, 2018 was a busy year and now it is time to relax. But what’s a better use of your downtime than planning your study abroad adventure of a lifetime? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In honor of International Education Week (November 12-16), Cape Town Center Director Natanya van der Lingen, IES Abroad Faculty Member Dr.