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Add the following items to your suitcase before you study abroad to take full advantage of opportunities that come your way to advance your career.

We asked our IES Abroad Ambassadors what advice they have for self-care while abroad. Find out what they suggest and take time to figure out what loving yourself looks like for you.

Does “distance makes the heart grow fonder” or is it more accurate to say “out of sight, out of mind”? We asked our IES Abroad Ambassadors to share their advice on being in a relationship while studying abroad.

When two IES Abroad Santiago students arrived in Chile, they weren't looking for love. However, a semester of sharing adventures and building a relationship paved the way for a study abroad love story.

Figuring out the best places to go in this new city abroad can be difficult, but here are six resources you can use to help you maneuver your host city.

IES Abroad Vienna alum, Lee B. Reichman, MD, MPH, shares how he studied abroad as a pre-med student and later developed an interest in researching tuberculosis.

Interns studying abroad in Rome had the unique opportunity to visit the Colosseum as part of their Internship Seminar, which interns participate in to explore the local business climate, as well as reflect on their experiences in the workplace.

Meet Kayla Jardine (IES Internships Dublin, Summer 2015), Associate Digital Producer at Entercom. Read on to discover how interning abroad helped Kayla land jobs at NBC News and CBS Radio after graduation and interviewed celebrities like Ed Sheeran.

Have you thought about what a cultural experience abroad might do for your career? This starts by contemplating what cultural understanding and intercultural competency means and how these skills play a part in today’s job market. 

Hear from six of our Correspondents who shared advice through their study abroad blogs about learning to balance travel and spending quality time in their host country.