Top 10 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from March & April 2018

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Spring is finally here and photos tagged with #IESabroad or @iesabroad on Instagram are budding everywhere! Blooming magnolia trees in Austria, exploring the blue city of Morocco, writing in the sand on the beach in Australia – these photos remind us why there is never a wrong season to study abroad.

Check out our Top 10 study abroad Instagram photos from March and April 2018, and be sure to tag your photos with #IESabroad for a chance to be featured in May!

1. AUSTRALIA | “Being given the opportunity to spend 4 months of my life away from home and in such beautiful places is so eye opening. Loving the Abroad life.” @schroeder.26, glad to see you are traveling while studying abroad in New Zealand!



2. AUSTRIA | “The magnolia trees are in full bloom in D.C., but I first fell in love with them in Vienna.” Doesn’t everything seem a little more magical when you study abroad in Vienna, @maggiecburns?


3. CHINA | “I had a great time sharing a few experiences of mine while abroad! It was great to see I could make some folks laugh while learning more about China.” Thank you @bpteamwork for being an IES Abroad Ambassador!


4. ECUADOR | When you study abroad in the Galápagos Islands, you will never run out of beautiful places to explore! @peytonmooremaid, what was your favorite island you visited?


5. EU | “Studying abroad has given me so many things... opportunities to travel, to be a part of an awesome program learning all about the EU, and to see amazing views like this one!” @emmelyn, we are glad you chose to study abroad with IES Abroad!


6. ITALY | When in Rome, pose in Rome. Awesome shot, @dessgreen!


7. JAPAN | The people you meet while studying abroad are just as important as the places you see abroad. Thanks for sharing your memories with us, @11yuzuki24!


8. MOROCCO | I bet the game “I spy with my little eye something blue” has to be hard while in Chefchaouen. Am I right, @hgeller120?


9. NEW ZEALAND | We think that tree could use some more water, what do you think, @tessvandecreek?


10. SPAIN | Thank you, @grandtimez_in_granada, for showing us what studying abroad in Granada looks like from your perspective!


We want to see study abroad through your eyes! Hashtag your Instagram photos with #IESabroad to show us what you love about study abroad.

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