The Latest from Australia

Jan 7 5:44pm

Why I'm Studying Abroad in Sydney, Australia

by Nicole

Why I'm leaving what's comfortable behind and studying in a country thousands of miles from home.

Dec 16 3:01pm

A Decade in Review: Top 10 Photo Contest Winners

by IES Abroad

Our students capture unforgettable moments while studying abroad. Check out our IES Abroad Photo Contest winners from the past decade to see for yourself!

Dec 4 8:16am

Home-Post: Abroad Reflections

by Isabella

I share a reflection on my mood and current state after my experience studying abroad in Australia for the fall.

Nov 29 9:50pm

“Getting the most” Out of Abroad

by Isabella

Now at the end of my study abroad experience in Australia, I reflect on what it even means to “get the most out of study abroad.” I share my thoughts on the matter based on my own personal experience.

Oct 26 7:31am

Heat and Good Eats

by Isabella

It's one of the warmest days since I've arrived in Sydney, and I have no class...I'm going to the beach! First I want to grab a bite to eat, and I end up tracing my way to a Thai place I have been meaning to go to. Here is a bite of the experience I had at Boon Cafe, and why I plan on going back for more.