The Latest from Australia

May 30 10:24pm

Study Abroad Butterflies

Post by Ashton Diggs

As I take in my last few days in the city where I’ve lived for the better part of my life, I’m filled with an odd mix of feelings. My bags have been sitting open and partially packed for a few weeks, and as they fill up with all of my life essentials and memories, I wonder what I’m forgetting.

Mar 3 11:38pm

Exploring Sydney's Rich History

Post by Nicole Hawkins

Today, I took a 30-minute bus ride from my apartment to Martin Place, also known as the “civic heart” of Sydney. I disembarked and walked by a number of historic buildings and vendors until I reached the General Post Office -- not where I pictured I would be on a Wednesday afternoon.

Jan 7 5:44pm

Why I'm Studying Abroad in Sydney, Australia

Post by Nicole Hawkins

Why I'm leaving what's comfortable behind and studying in a country thousands of miles from home.

Dec 16 3:01pm

A Decade in Review: Top 10 Photo Contest Winners

Post by IES Abroad

Our students capture unforgettable moments while studying abroad. Check out our IES Abroad Photo Contest winners from the past decade to see for yourself!

Dec 4 8:16am

Home-Post: Abroad Reflections

I share a reflection on my mood and current state after my experience studying abroad in Australia for the fall.