The Latest from Italy

Jun 14 2:25pm

Celebrating a Birthday Abroad

Post by Annika Rader

I’ve spent my birthday in a variety of places over the years, from birthday parties with family to the Mall of America to last year when I had to work on my birthday. This year, I was fortunate enough to get to celebrate my birthday on a weekend trip to Greece with a friend. I spent my birthday in Poros, Greece relaxing on the beaches of the island and experiencing Greek culture. Greece, a place I’ve always dreamed of going, was everything I hoped it would be.

May 29 5:44pm

My Experiences with European Stereotypes

Post by Chiara Profenna

Being human means having preconceived notions and ideas, it’s simply a part of life. This means that stereotypes and clichés are a real part of traveling and experiencing new cultures.

May 29 2:00pm

5 Tips I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Studied Abroad

As my time studying with IES Abroad has ended, I felt that I could shed light on my experience for others who plan to study abroad in the future. I wish someone had given me advice prior, so I thought I would in order to better equip others for their study abroad experiences. For context, I studied abroad in Rome, Italy during the spring of 2022.

May 29 7:06am

Saying Goodbye

Therefore, after creating such strong connections to Rome, a part of me feels like I’m leaving something behind. The experiences I had were unforgettable because of how special they were to me. The people, food, and energy that I had experienced made leaving very difficult for me; I found myself in tears in the cab to the airport. However, since my first day when I threw a penny into the Trevi Fountain, I know that my return is guaranteed. 

May 19 5:11pm

Overcoming Predeparture FOMO

Post by Annika Rader

While there are many fears associated with studying abroad, the fear of missing out can hit the hardest. Overcoming FOMO, while challenging, can lead to a whole new mentality and new memories that will make you smile while gone.