The Latest from Italy

Mar 24 8:38pm

Inter Milano Soccer Game, Barry's Bootcamp in Milan, and Field Trips

Post by Jenny Qian

Finding a gym in Milan can be pretty tough. I spent weeks calling and visiting various gyms to find a well-priced place. Depending on your location, there may be a gym for a good price but are often not the best or the biggest. Since I live a little bit far out of the Milan city center, there were not as many gym offerings for me. Some gyms also only allow you to visit it once a week only.

Mar 20 2:02pm

End of Intensive Italian + Zurich!

Post by Jenny Qian

This was week 3 in Milan! We had 3 weeks of intensive Italian and finished with a final exam. We ended up walking around after our exam and ended up at Palace Sforzesco which was a pleasant surprise. This place had been on my list to visit but I never knew how close it was. We walked from the Cadorna station and it only took about 10 minutes.

Mar 19 9:20pm

A Weekend in Florence, Italy!! | Study Abroad

Post by Kaitlin Sonday

The fun of traveling abroad is you are able to travel to other places too! I traveled to Florence with a group of people plus my best friend that I made on the plane to Italy! We rode on a train, my first train that I have rode on and it took about 2 hours to get there! The train system was cool because to think that is the main way people traveled in the past. It was so much fun seeing a different part of Italy.

Mar 10 8:50pm

Eating Too Good Here!

Post by Jenny Qian

Second week in Milan and I have been eating too good here! I've been able to explore all types of pasta and pasta sauces that I've never had before. For lunch one day, my friend Pauline and I stopped by Pasto by the Duomo. It was a small family-owned restaurant that had the friendliest workers. The pasta choices are limited and vary day to day, based on what is made.

Mar 5 10:16am

The Life of a Story

Our time in Siena is ageless.