The Latest from Italy

Sep 15 3:44pm

Traveling During My First Two Weeks Abroad

by Matthew

Today marks two weeks of being in Milan and I am already overwhelmed by the beauty I have been able to experience. Luckily I am rooming with 5 guys who want to travel as much as I do and we all happen to get along very well. So we are taking advantage of our free weekends as much as possible!

Sep 3 3:17pm

Day 1 in Rome: Getting There is Half the Fun...Maybe?

by Charlotte

They say the journey is half the fun, but it can also be a bit stressful! There's a lot to plan for before setting off, but it's not nearly as intimidating as it might seem.

Aug 30 3:16pm


by Emma

The day after tomorrow or "dopodomani" I'll be leaving for Rome. I'm a bit anxious but more than that I feel excited and grateful that I even have the chance to live in the country I have dreamt of visiting for so long.

Aug 29 11:28am

Perfection not Required: Pre-Departure with Mental Illness

by Kandise

Imperfection, flexibility, and improvisation should be packed in everyone’s luggage. 

Aug 27 2:30pm

Why I Chose to Study in Milan

by Matthew

My name is Matthew Sill. I am a third-year at Claremont McKenna College and in 5 days I will be making the 14-hour journey to Milan to start my adventures and studies in the economic powerhouse of Italy. I am from a small town on the central coast of California called Arroyo Grande. I love to surf, hike, play sports, and any other outdoor activity you can think of.