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Jul 29 1:30pm

An Open Letter to Students Considering Study Abroad: 'Remember your dreams and push your boundaries to reach them'

Whether you’re shy and scared or outgoing and excited like me, you need to study abroad because you owe it to yourself to take the opportunity to grow and follow that passion.

May 19 9:28am

13 Students' Perspectives on the Study Abroad Courses Now Offered Online

Post by IES Abroad

We asked our Ambassadors (alums of IES Abroad programs who love to share their experiences with prospective students) what they enjoyed most about the courses they took abroad to help inform you about your course options for IES Abroad's Virtual World DiscoverIES program.

Apr 24 11:30pm

Memories of Rome

Post by Dominick Cura

I knew my time studying abroad was going to go by fast, but no one told me it was going to go by this fast!

In all honesty, I really am grateful though to have been in Rome, studying and exploring the city and the country even if just for a short time. There are a lot of good memories I have from my time there, but I am sure I will have to return soon for some new memories.

Apr 5 5:49pm

Update: Coronavirus and Leaving Milan

Post by Jenny Qian

Hey everyone!

Apr 2 7:29pm

A Short but Sweet Time in Rome

Post by Dominick Cura

This certainly wasn't how I expected my semester abroad to end. It's surreal how we saw the situation of the coronavirus evolve in Italy right as we were in the country. Although I am glad to be home now with my family, there is so much I miss from my time in Rome. I will cherish the memories of the places, the people and the food of Rome.