The Latest from Italy

Aug 17 9:07am

Farewell Party

by Kate

I asked some of the people I met while studying abroad at the farewell party what they were going to miss most and what they were most excited to go back to.

Aug 16 9:06am

Germany Weekend

by Kate

I was lucky enough to explore Germany with my best friend for the weekend!

Aug 6 7:53pm

Pre-departure Anxiety? You're Not Alone!

by Charlotte

If you feel anxious about studying abroad, take comfort in knowing that you're not the only one! There may be challenges along the way, but they don't have to define our experience.

Aug 5 3:44pm

15 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from Summer 2019

by IES Abroad

These Instagram photos will make you want to study abroad next summer!

Aug 1 3:50pm

Staying Fit in Siena

by Elizabeth

With all the pasta, pizza, and gelato there is in Italy, you might be wondering how one is supposed to stay in shape while abroad. From personal experience, I can’t say that staying in shape has been easy. It’s easy to forget about fitness when you are distracted by all of the weekend trips, wine tastings, and four-course italian meals. Additionally, gyms are not as widely available in Siena as they are in the U.S. (your apartment complex will definitely not have a gym!).