The Latest from Italy

Sep 17 8:42am

Finding Both Friends & FOMO Abroad

It’s been over two weeks since my flight hit the ground in Italy and since I hit the ground running in Milan, and I’m already shocked at how comfortable I feel here with all of the amazing people I’ve already met. I’ve already found myself saying “I’m gonna go home” when referring to my dorm here, and feel a sense of comfort and relief whenever I get off at my Famagosta metro stop.

Sep 15 12:27pm

That's So Sabotage: Struggles When Studying Abroad Week 1

While my life abroad may look like sunshine and rainbows on my TikTok, Instagram, VSCO, and even in many of my blog posts, let me tell you… it still sure has some not-so-pretty moments! If you read my pre-departure post about preparing for the highs and lows of studying abroad, then you know what I’m talking about: the inevitable lows we all experience from time to time.

Sep 15 12:25pm

Milan Study Abroad Week 1

Well, it has been officially one week since I arrived in Milan! I already can’t believe it—it has gone by so fast yet everyone and everything here feels so familiar as if I’ve been here for months!

Sep 8 4:30pm

Traveling To Milan In The Midst of a Pandemic

So… I did it! I finally arrived in Milan! But let’s get to the nitty gritty: how did travel go when flying internationally in fall of 2021?? AKA pandemic central??

Sep 2 10:15am

Preparing To Accept Both the Highs and Lows of Travel

Well, I pretty much put off this post until the very last possible moment. Not merely out of procrastination (although I do procrastinate a lot), but more because I wanted my predeparture post to feel as authentic and real as possible, and up until this moment, my trip to Milan felt anything but real.