The Latest from Italy

Jan 27 12:49pm

Only The Beginning, Milan.

I've officially been in Milan for a little over a week, and while that isn't much time to experience a brand new city, I already feel a sense of belonging and home. Things are picking up and even though my life in Milan, Italy has just begun, I am already so excited about my future here — here's a sneak peek into how in just one week, this trip has already turned out better than I ever imagined.

Jan 17 12:15pm

Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock: Reflecting on My Time In Italy

Well, my study abroad journey has finally come to an end…and WOW am I sad. But also like, WOW was it amazing! Something had to be pretty great for me to now miss it so much, right? It's like they say, everything good must end.

Jan 5 12:27am

Leaving the Nest For a Second Time

My trip to Milan, Italy is nearing and the last few details are being finalized, but there's no avoiding the inevitable fear and anxiety. As I prepare to leave for the adventure of a lifetime, I've come to realize that being nervous is okay as long as you're able to gain some perspective and allow yourself to still feel excitement for what's about to come - here's some reassurance I could have used, pretty much.

Dec 27 4:45pm

Preparing To Study Abroad: From Paperwork to PenPals

Post by Brooke Fakhoury

The logistical and personal preparation involved in the weeks leading up to a semester abroad.

Nov 15 8:08am

The "Study" in "Study Abroad": Taking Classes in Italy

This semester, while abroad in Milan, I am taking four classes (15 credits as my Italian class counts for 6 Bentley credits). My classes are: Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies, History of Italian Cities, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance, and Beginner Italian Language Abroad.