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Study abroad in Granada and prepare to be mesmerized by grand Moorish architecture and Muslim influences.

Enjoy wandering aimlessly around the city’s narrow, winding streets in the warm weather and take in the sights and sounds of the city when you study in Granada. This energetic city is also known for its youthful population, which will make your Granada study abroad experience even more authentic and exciting.

If you’re looking to explore history and religion in Spain, Granada is the way to go.


Granada - Study in Granada

Spring 2019, Fall 2019
Language prerequisites: 
Intermediate Program: 2 semesters of college-level Spanish; Advanced Program: 4 semesters of college-level Spanish
Estimated Cost: 
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Granada's Top Five

Take in a 360° View

Get a bird’s eye view of the city and surrounding area (including spectacular views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada), while listening to musicians play guitar at the Mirador de San Nicolás.

Gain a New Perspective

Get involved with the small community through volunteer work.

Trek Sierra Nevada

Granada is at the foothills of this iconic mountain range, making it the perfect place to set off from on a hike.

Practice Your Language Skills

Befriend a local university student through your intercambio language partner.

Just Explore

The sunny Andalusia region has so much to offer. Outside of beautiful Granada, Seville, Málaga, and Gibraltar are all worth exploring.

The Latest from Granada

Jan 31 11:07am

Orienting Life to Granada's Schedule

by Nina

Buenas from Granada!


With the challenge of matching 120 new names to faces and finding the confidence to start actually using Spanish in everyday life, orientation week has definitely been an adventure. Besides orienting ourselves with each other, with our host families, and with our new city, one of the biggest adjustments has been orienting ourselves to Spain’s unique daily schedule.


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Jan 21 8:21pm

The Pains of Packing (Gearing up for Granada)

by Soledad

It turns out not everything you need can be packed into a suitcase.

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Jan 19 7:22pm

Yo No Hablo Espanol

by Michelle



My name is Michelle Saylor and I will be studying abroad in Granada, Spain this spring semester. When planning to prepare, I bought books, downloaded Duo Lingo, and added a reggaeton playlist to my Spotify. It is now the night before I leave and I’ve barley cracked a book, the Duo Lingo owl icon yells at me every day for not completing my 5 minutes of Spanish, and I learned that reggaeton music is, in fact, Puerto Rican and not Spanish music.


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Jan 10 5:56am

Following the Travel Bug to Granada

by Nina

My long-anticipated trip abroad will finally be reality in just one week and though I'm not yet completely packed, I'm feeling mentally prepared and ready for take-off!

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Jan 2 3:03pm

Gracias Granada (a song by me!)

by Samantha

¡Hola mis amigos! It’s been a little over a week since I arrived back home in California, and I’ve been spending my time relaxing and reflecting on my time abroad. Part of me feels like it was just yesterday when I landed in Granada, stumbling over my words in Spanish and getting lost every time I left the house. While I definitely still did those things up until my last days there, I know that I’ve grown so much over these past few months.

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