The Latest from Austria

May 19 9:28am

13 Students' Perspectives on the Study Abroad Courses Now Offered Online

Post by IES Abroad

We asked our Ambassadors (alums of IES Abroad programs who love to share their experiences with prospective students) what they enjoyed most about the courses they took abroad to help inform you about your course options for IES Abroad's Virtual World DiscoverIES program.

Mar 18 1:04pm

Bis Später Vienna

Post by Bridget Gervais

I am writing my final blog post with deep sadness. As many of you know, President Trump passed a travel ban on non-American travel to the United States, due to the Spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. This encouraged most people, American citizens included, to return to the states as soon as possible. A single travel ban, would not have changed my decision, it was the decision for classes to be online.

Mar 10 11:15am

Lessons about Independence and Culture in Paris

Post by Bridget Gervais

My entire life, I have been sheltered, not going anywhere without another human being except, work, school, appointments and the occasional honor band in High School. This weekend, I found myself in Paris, a city I enjoyed a lot. Prior to the weekend get-away, I was haunted by nerve-wracking anxiety of pick-pockets, getting lost without internet connection and the Coronavirus.

Feb 26 4:34pm

A Month like the Austrian Alps

Post by Ruzbeh Ghaffar

My last blog was centered around my trip to Stockholm. As I was thinking about what exactly to write about in this blog, I thought it would be necessary to talk some more about that trip. Stockholm definitely exceeded my expectations. Whether it be the people, the food, the architecture, or the layout, the city was much better than I had predicted. The trip was something that I planned really only because everyone else had been traveling abroad. I thought that I needed to get on that too.

Feb 22 6:01pm

Der wunderschönste Tag (the most wonderful day)

Post by Bridget Gervais

It is an ordinary day, yet I feel happy and satisfied. A great thing about Vienna, is the diversity of the people within the city. Within my daily Straßenbahn ride and walk to classes I may hear a dozen different languages including Italian, English, Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic. Vienna and Germany both have large populations of Turkish immigrants, which plays a role in Austrian daily culture.