The Latest from New Zealand

Jul 17 6:08pm

Diary of a Wannabe Kiwi: Move-in Edition

by Lexi

An honest take on a bit of a rocky move-in and how Christchurch began to feel more like home.

Jul 7 1:04pm

#Abroadchangedmylife: It’s not just a hashtag

by Cat

I’m back in the states and still jetlagged. I’ve been reflecting on my time abroad and I have no regrets. In many ways, being abroad felt like I was gone for years, but now that I am back, it feels as though I left for New Zealand yesterday. It was such a short time period that was packed with so much experience that when I think back on everything, I find it hard to believe that it all was possible in a span of five months.

Jul 7 11:26am

I'll be back, New Zealand!!

by Ava

After leaving New Zealand towards the end of June, I have been home for about two and a half weeks now. The adjustment has been somewhat strange; however, being home and back in warm weather has made the transition much easier than I anticipated.

Jul 3 11:24pm

Roadtrippin' the North Island

by Ava

Another week, another trip!! As my days abroad come to an end, my friends and I have been stressed planning last-minute trips before we leave. Having only visited Auckland in the north island so far, we felt a trip around the entire island was necessary! So, we booked a campervan for the week, hopped on a plane, and got ready for a week-long road trip all around the north island. We Landed in Wellington and immediately picked up our campervan, quickly heading along our travel route.

Jul 3 10:54pm

A Hop Across the Pond

by Ava

The Uni gives students a week off before final examinations, and in this short break, my friends and I decided to head to Sydney, Australia! Prior to our trip, we tried planning out our days and figuring out what all we could pack into a quick, five-day trip to the infamous city! We spent most of our time walking around and exploring, which took up a lot of our time during the days.