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May 4 2:23pm

Bone Apple Teeth: The Delicacies of New Zealand

Post by Ang Vaiana

The holy food post has arrived, a fitting piece for my final entry. First up for discussion: the general food climate in Auckland.

Apr 21 6:40pm

But What Did I Even Do Over There?

Post by Ang Vaiana

Just kidding I’m back because we can still write blog posts and I didn’t realize that. Anyway.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I actually did over in Auckland, since I was only able to write one post while I was there and it was about a weekend trip. Well, the wait is over, because I will now divulge the juicy details of my day-to-day life while I was abroad. 

Apr 1 6:44pm

No Longer Chillin', In Fact The Virus Has Stomped On Me

Post by Ang Vaiana

Yeah so obviously I spoke too soon, as I am writing this from my room in Indiana and not my room in Auckland. I submitted the last post I wrote on a Sunday, and on Thursday of that week, the email came. 

Mar 15 3:50am

Chillin’ In the Virus’s Shadow

Post by Ang Vaiana

Hey I’m still alive, I survived the airport aren’t you proud??!! I had some Xanax (calm down it was prescribed to me) and that stuff works, baby. Enough about that though since the thing you are here for is what the heck is going on with my time in Auckland.

Mar 11 4:58pm

Finding Home Away From Home

Post by Caroline Wilcox

I’ve now been living in New Zealand for a little over a month, and probably like many other abroad students, I’m starting to hit the point where the reality of life sets in. The honeymoon phase of a brand-new place and people is starting to wear off and I’m realizing that life moves with you when you move to a new place.