The Latest from New Zealand

Jan 8 9:49pm

Christchurch Bound: Intentions, Not Resolutions

by Caroline

I've never been a fan of the daunting task of creating 'resolutions' for myself each new year, which I'll ultimately feel guilty about straying from. I've decided that I want to instead set a list of intentions that will guide my journey in Christchurch, NZ while allowing me to maintain a pressure-free & positive mindset.

Dec 16 3:01pm

A Decade in Review: Top 10 Photo Contest Winners

by IES Abroad

Our students capture unforgettable moments while studying abroad. Check out our IES Abroad Photo Contest winners from the past decade to see for yourself!

Dec 15 6:26pm

Ka kite ano, New Zealand!

by Isabelle

I am back in the big state of Texas for the holiday break. Has the change been difficult? In some ways, yes, but in others, no. The jet lag absolutely sucks (there's no escaping it). But, I know I'll adjust soon. I am driving a car again, which seems inefficient and environmentally unfriendly compared to the extensive bus, train, and ferry system in Auckland. I do miss my favorite New Zealand foods (meat pies, fish and chips, and hokey pokey ice cream!).

Nov 27 5:13am

From Auckland to Aussie-land!

by Isabelle

Hello readers! I'm writing from an airplane seat as I fly from the east coast of Australia back to Auckland. Now, I've been in Auckland so long that it almost feels like I'm flying back home! When I first arrived in New Zealand, one of my plans was to visit Australia while I was still in the Southern Hemisphere. Thankfully, I was able to plan a trip with a few Auckland friends around the end of finals to travel to a few places on the eastern Australian coast.

Nov 20 11:57am

A Reflection of New Zealand from My Couch

by Lexi

I seriously cannot believe I am writing this from my couch all the way in Massachusetts! After my wonderful road trip with my dad, we spent a few days in Australia and then jumped on the plan for the 20-hour trip home.