Study abroad in Ecuador and experience one of the most culturally and geographically diverse countries in the world.

Ecuador is a country characterized by diversity—of people, language, and environment. The majority of Ecuadorians are mestizos, people with a mixture of indigenous and European ancestry. There are 12 distinct ethnic groups that speak 18 languages, and a third of the population is wholly indigenous.

Roughly the size of Colorado, Ecuador has the environmental megadiversity of a much larger country. Four eco-regions—the Amazon basin, the high Andes, the coastal plain, and the Galápagos Islands—offer a wealth of flora and fauna that attracts biologists, botanists, and environmentalists from around the world.

When you study abroad in Ecuador, adventure and learning opportunities surround you. Snorkel in the Galápagos Islands as you study biodiversity, learn about indigenous culture as you stroll through Otavalo Market, and study environmental science in the Amazon rainforest! To make the most of your time in Ecuador, study abroad is a great opportunity to not only visit, but also learn about this stunningly diverse country.

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