The Latest from Morocco

Mar 5 10:49am

Overcoming the Language Barrier

At first, living in Morocco without knowing French or Arabic was a challenge. But, I'm starting to get the hang of it!

Jan 30 2:40am

Flying to Rabat, Morocco

I'm on my way to Rabat, Morocco! I'm thrilled (and a little anxious) to be spending my last semester of undergraduate abroad!

Jan 24 10:47am

Leaving Behind Predictability And My Winter Coat

Post by Kate Lusignan

Maine winters are predictably unpredictable. On a given day during late November and early March, I will open my blinds to white snow flurries that blanket everything in sight or snap the blind to a barren cold, grey-white landscape.

Over the years, I have adapted to the biting cold and blustering snow. I have learned—the hard way—to leave time in the morning to defrost my car and I have perfected a slow, but graceful, shuffle across black ice.

Dec 30 4:34pm

Why Rabat?

Post by Brianna Gist

In my previous post, I mentioned that the most popular questions I’ve received since being back in the states include “Where is Morocco?” and “Did you have to wear a scarf?” yet I must admit that this has only turned out to be partially true. Over the past three weeks of winter break, I’ve met wrinkled noses, upturned eyebrows, ear-to-ear grins, and the occasional pursed lip when individuals ask me their new most popular question: 

Why did you choose Morocco? Why Rabat?


Dec 20 9:42am

Reflecting on Rabat: Re-Acclimating to Life in America

Post by Brianna Gist

I reflect on my study abroad in Morocco and write about my transition back into life back home, telling others about my experiences and observing new aspects of American culture and society.