The Latest from Morocco

Apr 30 1:38pm

A Day in Tangier

After I spent a decent amount of exploring Rabat, I was ready to explore more of Morocco. The public transportation system in Morocco is super affordable and easy to use. (Unlike Michigan, where this is almost no public transportation). Weekend trips were super easy to do! I could take the tram to the train station, take a train to a new city, and taxi wherever I wanted to go.

Apr 30 1:35pm

Leaving Morocco

A two-day whirlwind in which I found out I was leaving Morocco, packed my belongings, flew out of Morocco, overnighted in London, and flew to Chicago.

Apr 30 1:32pm

A Change of Plans

I unexpectedly came back to the US in March. It's been a huge change in pace, living at home, and taking online classes. I am trying to go to the flow and appreciate the time I had abroad.

Apr 30 1:27pm

Finding My Space in Morocco

Although finding my space in Morocco was not always easy, I learned to navigate Morocco. I found many places I loved going and made Rabat feel like home.

Mar 11 1:16pm

Journey to the Atlas Mountains

At the end of February, I went on the IES Abroad Rabat field trip to the Atlas mountains. This trip was one of the highlights of my time in Morocco. When we left for the trip, I knew very little about the Atlas mountains or the trip itself. I was practicing going with the flow. I didn’t obsessively Google everything about the trip like I normally would. I just decided to show up and experience the trip.