The Latest from Japan

Jan 9 2:12am

To Stress or Not to Stress - Taking Control of My Study Abroad Journey

by Audrey

I am a notorious over-thinker, over-stresser, over-everything, and preparing to study abroad has left me with my hands shaking, planning for any and all disaster scenarios in my head over and over again. Instead of letting that define my experience in Japan, I am choosing to enter begin this journey without letting my stress swallow me whole.

Jan 6 9:56am

3 Types of Pre-departure Moods en route to Tokyo

by Mimi

Leading up to study away, I have had all sorts of crazy feelings. I’m flying to a whole other country, 14-ish hours away, where I don’t really know anyone. I’m also flying to a whole other country, 14-ish hours away, towards an adventure that is probably going to change my life somehow. As a result, here are the three moods I’ve gone through leading up to my IES semester abroad to Tokyo. 

Oct 13 7:58am

Weathering The Storm: The Night The Typhoon Hit

by Emery

Last night, October 12th, Japan experienced the worst typhoon to hit the country in almost 60 years. Many cities and neighborhoods in the Kanto and Tohoku regions suffered great damage, with multiple people reported dead or missing. Millions of people across dozens of prefectures were issued evacuation advisories ahead of harsh winds, flooding rivers, and landslides.

Oct 1 5:44am

7 Everyday Differences Between Japan and the U.S.

by Emery

It’s been one month since I arrived at Narita Airport in Japan and began my study abroad journey. It’s hard to wrap my head around the reality that time has passed so quickly, and I’m so grateful for all the things I’ve already been able to see, do, and experience. Of course, being in another country often challenges you to see things in different ways, and there are a lot of differences from America and my hometown that I noticed right away.

Aug 26 2:14am

Top 3 Things I'm Packing For Tokyo

by Emery

I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that in less than twenty-four hours I'll be departing from LAX and taking a twelve-hour flight to Tokyo, where I'll be staying for the next four months studying Japanese language and culture. I’m lucky enough that I can say this isn’t the first time I’ve been to Japan—my mom grew up in Yokohama and we used to visit her parents every so often when I was younger.