The Latest from Spain

May 19 9:28am

13 Students' Perspectives on the Study Abroad Courses Now Offered Online

Post by IES Abroad

We asked our Ambassadors (alums of IES Abroad programs who love to share their experiences with prospective students) what they enjoyed most about the courses they took abroad to help inform you about your course options for IES Abroad's Virtual World DiscoverIES program.

May 5 12:56am

Each Day Like It's Your Last

Post by Haley Lundeen

On my last day in Salamanca, after my roommate had left and classes were done for the week, I took one last walk through the city. You really see things differently when you realize you won't be seeing them again for a long, long, time. On this walk, I went down my usual route to my University classes.

May 4 11:35pm

When Worst Comes to Worst (It's Not Too Bad)

Post by Haley Lundeen

I've been wanting to make this post since I first arrived in Salamanca, but I wasn't sure how to tell the story in the way I want to. Obviously, this happened a while ago, but I would like to tell the story of how I arrived in Salamanca. As I mentioned in my first blog post, before this, I had never flown alone before, so I was more than a bit nervous.

Apr 28 5:30pm

My Last Three Weekends: Madrid, Nerja, and Morocco

Post by Grace Sells

I reflect on my time in Granada and share memories of three trips I took before returning home.

Apr 24 6:42pm

The Silver Lining in a Dull, Lifeless Time

Post by Mary Zarba

I remember the first time the coronavirus was brought to my attention. I was sitting at the dinner table with my host family. It was around 8:30 and we had just finished dinner. We always had the TV on at dinner because my host mom liked to watch a show that I would call the Spanish version of jeopardy. It came on at nine every weeknight. Because we had a half-hour until the show, Montse put the news on.