The Latest from Spain

Jan 26 6:45am

My Newfound Love of Tapas 

Post by Noa Solomon

Upon my arrival to Spain I was very eager to immerse myself in all things Spanish cuisine. I would consider myself a food connoisseur. I love everything food, whether it be a quick bite at the deli underneath my apartment for cheap, or grand dinners that I spend my entire savings on; I love it all. 

Jan 21 2:06pm

¡Listo para Viajar!

Post by Harmon Perez

As I’m preparing for my flight tomorrow morning, I double-check my packing list then check my carry-on and check bag, which weighs 45 lbs! The weight limit is 50 lbs, so I barely meet the limit. I keep reading through emails from my airline and IES Abroad to ensure I can enter Spain without any issue. All I have to do is wait for my covid test, then I am set! Even during covid, Spain is fairly easy to enter, which is good for me!

Jan 18 1:47pm

The Night Before

Post by Noa Solomon

Sitting here on my couch in my apartment in Manhattan, New York the night before my trip to beloved Barcelona, I am forced to contemplate all that I have faced to get to this point, and all that lies ahead. 

My fears:

Jan 14 2:56pm

A Letter to My Future Self, After Studying Abroad in Spain

Post by Nicole Stein

Studying abroad is exciting and terrifying. In anticipation of my adventure, I have so many questions. I decided to ask my future self to reflect on her journey abroad, and I will respond to these questions and more after my adventure comes to a close.

Jan 9 11:44am

Final Reflection: How I Talk About My Time Abroad

Post by Kat Peterson

Reflecting on *that* question.