The Latest from Spain

Oct 16 10:24am

Finding my Independence in Madrid and the Yellow Submarine

Post by Audrey Glas

I’m finding my confidence in places I didn’t know I would find them in Madrid.

Today I went on a solo adventure around the city to explore and get in a nice long walk.

In order to go on this adventure, I had to do things I hadn’t done alone before. I had the afternoon free because my classes ended at noon, and the rest of the day was completely up to me. I allowed myself to take full advantage of this and explore.

Oct 13 8:57am

Managing ~stress~ while studying abroad

Post by Melanie Garza

Hola a todos! It’s been over a month now in Madrid so now that everyone is getting settled into the lifestyle it seems like the honeymoon period is ending for some, and more and more people are finding themselves overwhelmed with work, homesickness, or feeling down in general. Personally, being a senior looking into graduate school, this fall semester for me is all about applying to programs and setting myself up for the next chapter of my life.

Oct 13 4:48am

A day in my life in Granada!

Post by Lucy Mayer

Before I decided to go abroad and I was doing my research, I was super interested in the day to day life of a student in Granada. Also, the number one thing that my friends from home keep asking me about is my daily life. So, friends, future study abroad students who are curious, here you go: a (realistic) day in my life!

Oct 13 3:22am

Food as an Expression of Culture

Post by Sanny Yang

Food can tell you so much about a culture. Read to see how trying new foods can help you immerse yourself into the culture while also learning about yourself!

Oct 12 12:35pm

When Dreams Become Reality: My First Month Living Abroad

Post by Natalia Salazar

I look around me and smile, really trying to take everything in. My mind can’t work fast enough to process the beauty around me and I feel as if when I blink it’ll all fade away and I’ll wake up back in my bed in Indiana. 

The uneven layers of rocks grind under my feet, the white foam of the ocean bubbles around my ankles, the remnants of the coarse white salt stuck on my lashes.