Study Abroad in Siena

What to Expect in Siena

Chosen as one of GoAbroad’s Best Study Abroad locations in 2023, Siena, Italy is a quaint town of about 70,000 residents, and feels like a best-kept secret. 

Nestled in the breathtaking Tuscan countryside, Siena is an amazingly well-preserved medieval city. You can create your own intimate Italian experience when you study abroad in Siena, where you will truly experience what life in Italy is really like. 

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Top 5 Things to Do in Siena

Explore the Tuscan Countryside
Discover the Tuscan countryside surrounding Siena through field trips, course-related trips, personal travel, and more.
Wander Through the 17 Contrade
Explore these seventeen neighborhoods of Siena that date back to the Middle Ages and still define life today.
Taste Traditional Tuscan Dishes
From world-famous olive oil to bistecca alla fiorentina, there’s plenty to taste throughout Tuscany. Our tip: try the Pici Cacio e Pepe!
Practice Unaccented Italian in Tuscany
Whether its while boutique shopping or ordering a pizza, Siena is the perfect environment for improving your Italian.
Enjoy the Sights in the Piazza Del Campo
Grab a snack, a book, or some friends and head over to the Piazza to spend an afternoon lounging in the sun.

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