Hope Yi

<p>Hello! My name is Hope Yi. I am a sophomore at Emory University majoring in International Studies and minoring in Global Health, Culture, and Society. I am a complete dork who loves spontaneity and adventure. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and absolutely love traveling, heights, being basic, and random things.</p>

2019 Spring
Home University:
Emory University
Phoenix, AZ
International Studies

Blogs by Hope Yi

Hope Yi,

Last Week Abroad

From finals to goodbyes, here is a rough compilation of the many emotions that arise at the conclusion of a dream.

Hope Yi,

Crazy Travel Experiences

Always expect the unexpected. That's part of the stress and joy of traveling. The unexpected is the sprinkle of fun in traveling. Here are several unexpected...

Hope Yi,

Exploring Milan

Yes, it is important to travel to different countries while studying abroad, but it is also important to explore and experience the country you are studying...

Hope Yi,

Settling into Roma

I have been in Rome for about two and a half weeks already. Here is a glimpse of my first week attending orientation and settling in my apartment, learning to...