Exploring Milan

Hope Yi
March 24, 2019

When I first arrived in Rome, students were advised to experience the country and city they chose to stay in. So, before I began traveling to different countries, I wanted to first travel around Italy. The first place I happened to go was Milan. Almost a month has passed since I actually went, and as I'm reflecting on my trip to Milan, I think it will remain the most memorable. As the first place I traveled to (aside from Rome), there were the most surprises and most foreign encounters. After visiting several different cities and countries at this point, I don't experience the same amount of joy and surprise. You can call me spoiled HAHA...I'd prefer to call it...immune. 

Milan is definitely a fashion capital. Even the children were dressed so fashionably, with their Louis Vuitton backpacks, Prada shoes, Valentino coats, and Gucci belts. On the other hand, I went shopping in Milan and got a three euro off-the-shoulder crop top for the Summer. Here is a trip with wonderful company, wonderful views, and wonderful experiences. 

Look forward to my next post of a trip to Lake Como (one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen) the day after Milan where our train was canceled, we got on the wrong train, and may or may not have missed our other train. 

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Hope Yi

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