One Last Trip in Italia

Hope Yi
May 21, 2019

Going on this trip knowing that it would be one of the last in Italy during this program, there was a gloomy aura that surrounded it. Nevertheless, Sicily was wonderful, and I don't think I will be able to forget the delicious granita. It was absolutely exquisite. I am able to understand the hype around Italian ice now. 

Taormina was breathtaking...but I HAVE NEVER been more sore after going DOWN stairs. After almost falling down a couple hundred stairs, my legs trembled for a several days after, proving to me that all great things come at a price. HAHA, I'm just being dramatic. 

Exploring the tiny, winding alleyways (a signature of Italian towns) was quite enjoyable. I think I have come to a point in which I no longer am greatly impressed by the landmarks of duomos, basilicas, or statues; rather, I have come to appreciate the little things: tiny shops filled with random gadgets, comparing prices of postcards in different areas to find the cheapest, and trying the random desserts that are almost always delicious.

It is rather surreal to think that after these many many weekends of travels, this was the last during the IES Abroad program. Oh, how time truly flies. 

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