Crazy Travel Experiences

Hope Yi
May 8, 2019

STORYTIME! The semester is coming to a close and countless events have occurred. Among these are the good and the bad; however, every moment was an opportunity for growth and change. 

Here are three stories that I would not necessarily identify as pleasant, but nevertheless, it is a part of traveling. Although I would prefer not to have these kinds of crazy experiences, they add flavor to my travels and makes it all the more memorable. At the beginning of the semester, I would experience so much anxiety from traveling. In fear that something would go wrong, I would always struggle to handle the stress and apprehension of the unexpected. At this point, I have learned to just roll with the punches. There are always things to be thankful for no matter how horrid a situation can be. 

From pickpocketing to robbing, traveling comes at a price. These experiences have really shaped the manner in which I carry myself and interact with others. I have also come to terms with the inevitable reality that something. will. always. go. wrong. But that will never change how much I love experiencing different cultures and encountering new places. 

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Hope Yi

<p>Hello! My name is Hope Yi. I am a sophomore at Emory University majoring in International Studies and minoring in Global Health, Culture, and Society. I am a complete dork who loves spontaneity and adventure. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and absolutely love traveling, heights, being basic, and random things.</p>

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