Why Rome?

Hope Yi
May 21, 2019

Although this was pre-recorded before I left to explore more of Europe, I wanted to document how thankful I am for having been able to come to Rome and acquire the experiences I have been blessed with. It is a reminder for me that even though my reality may not align with my plans, there is always a better timing and reason for everything. 

It truly blows my mind to think about how fast this past semester went. I wish all my semesters were like this. Good people. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Hilarious Italian professors. First-hand encounters with ancient artifacts. Observations of excavations and restorations. I could do with a little less on-the-budget travel methods that make me question if I voluntarily put my life in danger at times, but I still am so thankful.  

Rome is a place that became one of comfort. I've learned to fight for myself in a world where people all have good within them but seem to display their insecurities and inequities first. At one point, I was bitter and lost faith in humanity, but I've come to realize that everyone is simply struggling to survive. These months were a struggle, but that struggle cannot be compared to the love, priceless blessings, and gelato I have experienced. 

Here is my post-departure video of why, if I were given the chance again, I would study abroad in Rome in a heartbeat. 



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