Whether you're interested in global health internships abroad, research internships, or health administration internships, you can gain practical experience in a global workplace. With a full-time health internship abroad, you'll be sure to stand out from other job and internship candidates with your knowledge of international workplace culture and experience interning in a health field. As you explore the placements below, keep in mind that while these are past placements that are not necessarily available ever year, this list is also by no means exhaustive and new placements are always being added. 

The placements below are not an exhaustive list, so let your IES Internships Representative know if you would like additional examples. Once you confirm to a program, the onsite Internship Coordinator will work with you closely to find an internship placement based on your interests. Learn more about how the application and internship process works.

Please keep in mind that due to international laws, students are not eligible to work hands on with patients for procedures, administering medication, etc. The internship experience may include shadowing and duties with potential patient interaction.