Kyla Corvino

<p>My name is Kyla Corvino, I am a nursing major and Spanish language minor who feels so blessed and enthusiastic to have the opportunity to be back in Santiago, Chile studying health sciences in the language I absolutely adore. Spanish and Nursing are my two passions that I will continue to pursue abroad for the rest of my life! At the age of nineteen I have had the opportunity to visit three different countries, which helped spark my drive to be a world traveler. I&#39;ve found through my travels that every experience has the capacity to become a unique adventure and every photo holds those memories.</p>

2015 Summer 1
2015 Summer 2
Home University:
University of Massachusetts-Boston

Blogs by Kyla Corvino

New York City From the Sky
Kyla Corvino,

One Month Later

“Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.” – Unknown

fallback blogs
Kyla Corvino,

Yet Another Week in Santiago!

The new week brought exciting new experiences I did not even imagine I would have the chance to be a part of in such a short period of time!

Winter in Santiago, I Could Get Used to This!
Kyla Corvino,

Beginning Clinical Observations

This week has been full of exciting new experiences with new friends! It is beginning to get a little colder every morning as we approach winter in Santiago –...

Navigating Around Santiago
Kyla Corvino,

The First Week in Santiago

A week has passed since a very hectic arrival to Chile, but we made it and we are ready for all the adventures to come!