A Week Full of Celebrations

Kyla Corvino
July 8, 2015
Winners of the Copa América!

     The week started off a little slow because I got really sick and had to go to a Clinic to see what was going on.  It was really cool to visit a Clinic as a patient, rather than as a nursing student observing different health clinics.  It was a very different experience that allowed me to fully understand what it is like to be a patient in the private healthcare system in Chile.  The experience with the doctor was not much different than any other one I have had in the past in the USA.

     Saturday was the Fourth of July, which was also the same day as the last Copa América game.

     A couple of friends and I decided to spend part of the afternoon celebrating our countries birthday with cotton candy and American flags.

     I could not believe that the Chilean team made it to the Finals in the Copa América where they would play Argentina!  Everyone was extra excited to watch the game because it was held in Chile.  History was made on July 4th, 2015 when Chile finally won the Copa América for the first time!

     On Monday I spent a lot of the day with some Chilean friends eating sushi, which was amazing.  I cannot get enough of the sushi here! 

     On Tuesday my host family and I went out to a very Chilean restaurant to have a going-away party for my roommate who will be leaving the country to go back home at the end of the week.  We ate a lot of meat and salad, while we watched people perform typical dances from different parts of the country.

     That experience really reinforced how much I love Chilean culture and how badly I would like to return to this country to work as a nurse. 

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