The Last Week

Kyla Corvino
July 19, 2015
I cannot believe that it is already time for us to all go our separate ways.
And just like that, my seven week study abroad experience in Santiago is over. 
Attempting to fit in every last thing on my Chilean bucket list has been very hectic the past couple of days but a blast trying to accomplish. 
I got to spend some time with a couple Chilean friends and people I consider family members. I bought a million and one hair scrunchies for myself and some friends at home (yes, they are in style in Chile)! I also got to spend my birthday in Santiago and eat cake a bunch of times with my different Chilean and gringo family members and friends! 
We also had a farewell dinner that required us to pack 40 exchange students and a handful of professors, nurses and advisors into a small restaurant! I got to eat salmon, drink Chilean wine and take pictures with people from the program, which was an amazing way to say goodbye.  
The day after was spent eating empanadas with some friends before they had to catch their flights. It's so surreal to think that just seven weeks ago we were complete strangers and that many of us have learned to become the best of friends! It is also difficult to think that the 40 of us spent all day almost ever day together and that many of us may never meet again. 
But that must be one of the beauties of exchange. 
I will be staying in Chile for one more week, with a different host family which I am really looking forward to. This week should be exciting and relaxing! 

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