Pre-Departure Post - Getting Everything Packed

Kyla Corvino
May 26, 2015
The Chilean Flag

I had initially thought that getting everything packed the night before and waking up early the morning of my flight would be the best plan, but now I'm left sitting in bed anxiously reviewing how I plan this trip to go.  The most nerve-racking part of this entire trip is definitely the plane rides over to South America.  I just cannot seem to get comfortable with the idea of being thousands of feet up in the air, crammed into a tiny little box with a bunch of people I do not know!

Despite all of the little stresses of preparing for this trip, I cannot put into words how excited I am to be back in Santiago, just one short year after my departure.  Having the opportunity to study medical vocabulary and about the Chilean/America healthcare systems in the language I am so passionate about is something that I am very grateful for!

After spending almost one year abroad in Santiago, Chile during a gap year (between graduating high school and beginning my freshman year of college) I feel thrilled to be back in such an environment.  I know this new experience in Chile will help me grow not only my Spanish brain, but allow me to become more comfortable with learning and speaking to people in this complicated language.  I am excited to have the chance to visit the family and friends I became a part of in my past year abroad and also feel privileged to have the opportunity to make new connections and relationships in the beautiful city of Santiago! 

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Kyla Corvino

<p>My name is Kyla Corvino, I am a nursing major and Spanish language minor who feels so blessed and enthusiastic to have the opportunity to be back in Santiago, Chile studying health sciences in the language I absolutely adore. Spanish and Nursing are my two passions that I will continue to pursue abroad for the rest of my life! At the age of nineteen I have had the opportunity to visit three different countries, which helped spark my drive to be a world traveler. I&#39;ve found through my travels that every experience has the capacity to become a unique adventure and every photo holds those memories.</p>

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