Ashley Bell

<p>Hi, my name is Ashley Bell and I am a Junior Political Science major at Santa Clara University. I&#39;ll be spending my spring semester in Nagoya, Japan and am very excited to share my experiences with you. I hope you enjoy seeing Japan through my eyes!</p>

2015 Spring
Home University:
Santa Clara University
International Relations, Political Science

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Ashley Bell,

When The World Is Your Classroom

Because of this trip, I think my outlook has definitely been broadened and I have a new understanding of something I didn't completely understand before coming...

Ashley Bell,

Osaka (大阪)

I recently went on a short 3 day trip to Osaka (大阪), where I had my first realization of how much the city of Nagoya has become my second home.

Ashley Bell,

CBC テレビ

I suggest that if you are abroad and have the opportunity to partake in something new and unexpected, do it!

Ashley Bell,

Winter Illuminations

Nabana Village (なばなの里) is a large garden and hot spring (温泉) that has a very famous light display in the winter

Ashley Bell,

Learning to Adjust

Now that the new semester has started, I am learning that I still have many things that I need to adjust to.