Why You Should Study Japanese in Japan

Ashley Bell
February 25, 2015

Here are a few reasons why I think you should study Japanese in Japan.

1. You can learn natural spoken Japanese in a country where the first language is Japanese. This means you are constantly learning at anywhere and anytime, from listening to conversations おばあちゃん  are having on the train to understanding and reading signs in Japanese.

2. You can live with a host family and really come to understand the difference between formal and casual language. You also have the opportunity to use and learn words that might often not be used in Japanese class.

3. You can make Japanese friends! At Nanzan University in particular, there is a large percentage of students that know other languages, so even if you can't speak Japanese well, you can still make Japanese friends and practice your Japanese with them.

4. You can watch your progress in everyday situations as time goes on. Since you will often find yourself in a situation where you don't understand something or you look at a sign and can't read any of the kanji on it, as time goes by you'll come across the same situation and realize that you can understand most if not all of it. This point I find very rewarding and shows just how much you are learning.

5. You get to really put what you learn to practice. Everyone around you understands and speaks Japanese, so you really have a chance to practice what you learn. From ordering something at a cafe to asking for directions, there are a ton of situations that will require you to use Japanese to get by.

6. You will be taught Japanese in Japanese. This is something that I find really helpful with learning to listen and understand Japanese quickly. At my home university, a lot of my Japanese classes were taught with English explanations. Having everything taught and explained in Japanese might seem difficult, but it really helps you think, understand and respond more quickly in Japanese.

No matter what level you are, with effort, studying abroad is bound to improve your Japanese. I hope these points are helpful!

Please enjoy some non-related pictures of food I have been ordered at resturants here in Japan!

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