Study Abroad in Nagoya

What to Expect in Nagoya

Yearning to immerse yourself in Japanese language and history near the heart of cultural Japan? 

Join us and study abroad Nagoya. The fourth-largest city and the hub of Japanese manufacturing industries in Japan has plenty of festivals, traditional arts, and sports to enjoy. 

Be sure to visit Nagoya Castle and Atsuta Shrine, two beautiful and culturally significant landmarks, to help you gain a better understanding of Nagoya, where there is truly something for everyone. 

Experience all this city has to offer whether through direct enrollment or intensive language study, as this thriving city becomes your classroom. 

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Humid Subtropical
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Top 5 Things to Do in Nagoya

Go to the Nagoya Castle
Constructed in 1612, this breathtaking castle is worth a visit. Be sure to see the golden tiger-headed carp on the top castle roof.
See the Atsuta Shrine
This Shinto shrine is one of the greatest centers of worship and home to more than 70 ceremonies and festivals every year.
Take in the View at the Higashiyama Sky Tower
Located in the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the tower features awe-inspiring views of the city.
Unwind at the Tokugawa Art Museum & Garden
Explore museum treasures (think samurai armor and tea utensils) then visit the gardens next door.
Visit the Osu Kannon Temple & Osu Shopping District
See the statue of Kannon and then head to the nearby shopping area.

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