Spring Semester is Coming to an End

Ashley Bell
April 30, 2015

These past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy! While battling a cold, I had three exams in Japanese to study for, as well as two additional research papers to write. Golden week is just a few days away and with it being so warm, I would had much rather been outside than inside studying. Though with exams over (for the time being,) there have been quite a number of parties to end the semester.

One of my friends organized an event for a huge group of us foreign students to go to a popular club in Sakae. It was incredibly fun. Nearly 30 people came, and as a group we hung out, danced and just had a great time. A few days later, my Japanese class had a party of our own. The surprising point about this party was that our Japanese professors joined! We went out for karaoke and it was a really nice bonding experience to have with my class.

Today was our Japanese section/level party. We had a variety of performances from dances to skits to live music! I left a bit early, but I heard I also won a prize for some questionnaire based on the best traits our classmates have. It was really nice as a group to come together and celebrate all of the hard work and effort we have put into our classes this semester. 皆さん、お疲れ様でした!

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Ashley Bell

<p>Hi, my name is Ashley Bell and I am a Junior Political Science major at Santa Clara University. I&#39;ll be spending my spring semester in Nagoya, Japan and am very excited to share my experiences with you. I hope you enjoy seeing Japan through my eyes!</p>

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