CBC テレビ

Ashley Bell
February 5, 2015

CBC テレビ is a television broadcast company here in Nagoya and thanks to my host mom, I got to do a アルバイト (small part time job) at the CBC company building. The marketing department needed foreigners who speak different languages to partake in a marketing survey, so I gathered up 4 of my multi-lingual friends and we headed to CBC. I was extremely nervous at first, but soon came to realize that I definitely would have regretted passing up on this opportunity.

Once we were at CBC, we tested out a translation program that was going to be used to translate the company’s broadcasts into various languages. We answered some survey questions and gave our opinions about the accuracy of the program’s translations. When I thought the job was over, I was surprised to know we were also going to be given a tour the company building.

First, we headed to the radio set, where we got to meet a couple radio personalities. Next, we got to explore their GoGo! Smile! broadcast set, learn about the cameras they use and take a group picture on the set. We also checked out their news broadcast set, got to briefly see where they made CGs and monitored the channel’s show line-up, and see the cameras they have all around Nagoya to show the city skylines and weather. It might not seem like much, but everyone at CBC was so nice and by the end of the tour, we got small gift bags with CBC souvenirs.

I personally do not have a very strong interest in television, but having the opportunity to go and check out a Japanese television broadcast company was one of the most interesting things I have done since first coming to Japan. When you travel abroad, everything you do is always a new experience, but since this experience was unexpected and wasn’t set up by IES, it was really something special. I also got to do it with some of my awesome friends, which made the experience that much more memorable. I suggest that if you are abroad and have the opportunity to partake in something new and unexpected, do it! You don’t want to regret missing out!

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