Higashiyama Zoo (東山動物園)

Ashley Bell
November 12, 2014

Within Higashiyama Koen (東山公園) is the Higashiyama Zoo (東山動物園). I pass by 東山公園駅 everyday on my way to school and have been wanting to visit since I arrived in Nagoya. One weekend, my host family and I took advantage of the good weather and went to 東山動物園.

First, we went to the Children’s Zoo (子共動物園), which was a small petting zoo. There were goats and guinea pigs that could be touched and held, as well as rabbits, a cow and a horse that could only be seen in enclosures.

Afterwards, we went into the main portion of the zoo. The zoo itself was really big and held many kinds of animals. It was also celebrating the 30th year anniversary since the first koala arrived at the zoo. My host dad and host sister picked up matching hats that commemorated the event.

Within the zoo, there is also a small amusement park (遊園地) that has many rides for children. We did not go into the 遊園地, but looking from the outside, it seems to be a fun little place. Nearby is the Higashiyama Sky Tower. We also did not go to the tower, but it looked very beautiful against the clear sky and can be seen from practically anywhere in the zoo. There is quite a lot to see and do within 東山公園 that I haven’t mentioned and I definitely want to go back to see the park when the sakura (桜) begin blooming in spring semester. 

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