Sheron Mathew

<p>Hi! I am an observant incandescent light bulb. I may seem dim idle, but I am constantly taking everything in. At times I flare up from the stimulus I receive from my surrounding environment. &nbsp;I try to capture these unique moments through the sharp opening and closing of my camera&#39;s shutter by a mere click of a button. I use these captured images to give meaning to that moment and connect it to me, life, our world and the things and people that fill it. Won&#39;t you join me in putting this world into perspective?</p>

2016 Fall
Home University:
Wofford College
Biological Sciences, Spanish

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Sheron Mathew,


The pre-departure is a time of both excitement and nervousness. What am I packing? Am I over packing? Wow! I leave for a whole four months in like three days...