The SLUMp Vibes

Sheron Mathew
November 12, 2016

The SLUMp vibes

The last couple of days have been very weird. A lot of mixed feels. Let me explain. Bear with me here, it going to be two different topics smashed into one semi-disorganized blog post. I apologize ahead of time:

1.So I stayed up till around two thirty in the am of Tuesday November ninth 2016. Why? To see who will become the governing body of the U.S.A for the next four years. The next four years of my life. The next four years of my friends and families lives. The next four years of pretty much everyone else on our planet, and the planet itself. It got so late that I was sleep watching the votes come in. Then I fell asleep. Woke up the next day and the first thing I do is check. I saw the results. Surprised to the outcomes? Yes. Then I made a vlog post  about how I felt. Why? Because you have to voice how you feel, so that you can feel better on the inside. Now, I am NOT a fan of having the same kind of post streaming ALL over my social media. It got to the point that I HATED seeing the same message after message for the third day in a row. But now that I look back three days later, I realize that what seemed to be annoying at the time, reflected the message in my vlog. The message is this.

UNITY IS KEY. Everyone in their own messages expressed similar thoughts,  similar fears,  similar feels. That in itslef is a  symbol of unity. BUT as Americans, we should expand this sense of unity not only to members of our society that voted for the same political party, but we should extent it to ALL Americans.

Its easier said than done yes. But we have to try. Its not WHO is in charge, it’s how we ALL respond to that person and how we TREAT each other that will dictate our futures. No 1 person will have the ability to change this world. The world can only be changed by the people who are behind that person. So as long as we all stick together, working on the same team, we will be fine.

Its not a coach that makes up a team, it’s the players that make a team a team.

2. In two weeks and 6 days I leave. I go back to the reality of my life in the USA. It’s going to be tough. Last night at 130ish in the manana as I stared out my 6th floor apartment window I got a little sad. Sad that in the blink of the eye I will be separated from a group of amazing people. Amazing people at IES Abroad, and the hand full of Chileans that I have gotten to know. I haven’t sat down to completely analyze how this experience has changed me. OHHH it has. But to what degree? I’ll get back to you guyz in a soon to be  posting blog.


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