We were balstin. We like Cheap. We were in Atacama.

Sheron Mathew
September 24, 2016

So two weeks ago the crew and I went on our first true Chilean Adventure. It’s a result of a lot of planning and contributions from various group members. Niko found flight tickets for a solid $55, Elaine found the fees for most of our sightseeing locations, I found a cool little hostel and we were all excited to leave unchaperoned….oh yea.

As per usual I packed the night before the flight (Bad move. I forgot my swell shades=eyes staring at the brutal sun the entire trip). Niko and I went grocery shopping, bought a bag full of bread (the bread in this country is magical-so soft, so rich and so beautiful), a jar of jelly, peanut butter, Manjar (God’s gift to the Chileans), fruits, Oats, Spaghetti (We had zero clue how much food we needed, yet what we bought was just enough to last us the entire trip!). The Next day we woke up and hit the metro, caught a cheap bus to the airport (Taxi is way too expensive, as in any country). Got on our cheap flights (get used to it, CHEAP is our moto). Flew over the Andes for two hours, and before we knew it we were flying over the deserts of Antofagasta. We landed in Calama, and took a cheap ride to the bus station. Bought a cheap bus ticket to Atacama…the location. Upon our arrival on Day 1 we walked to our hostel with gear strapped to both our front and backs.

During our short stay here, we made sure we packed as many adventures as possible:

 Day 2. We biked twenty miles so that we could float across the lake with the highest saline concentration in the world. It was wicked (I was super nervous, given how terrible of a swimmer I am). My leg cramped hardcore given the strenuous bike ride and the knee got worse (still suffering the aftermath). #WorthIt

Day 3. We went and found a sick deal with a tour company and booked tours to the Piedras Rojas. Had the coolest and cutest couple as our tour guides. We stopped for a glorious breakfast on our way. Climbed some sick rocks in a valley, stopped and saw vicunas.

Day 4. Woke up at 4am. Got the same awesome tour guides. Went to los geisers (almost lost my fingers to the bitter cold and its wrath). Then warmed off in some hidden hot springs (ahhhhhhh). Went back. Rented bikes and rode out to Valley de la Luna. Biked up the desert. Stopped. Hiked to the tallest point of the valley. Saw the sunset, and how it changed the colors of the mountains and volcanos from a dirty orange to the majestic shades of purple and magenta.  Then the guyz and I shredded some dirt as we raced into the night (my favorite part for sure).

It was nothing, nothing I say, short of amazing.

(P.S first time staying at a hostel was rad. Met one or two awesome humans. Cooked for ourselves and showered without soap for the entire say. I lied. The last day I used some hand soap). #WeArethePCEcREW.WeLikeCheap(I like cheap)

Also....watch the second trailer I put together for my upcoming vlogumentary:



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