A different scene. Chiloe-An Almost Full Review

Sheron Mathew
October 22, 2016


A different scene: Chiloe-An Almost Full Review

So as mentioned in the last post, IES Abroad Santiago fall 2016 crew visited the small island of Chiloe a few weeks back. Mannnne! How can I describe it? Well a buddy of mine saw my pictures and he described it as a Magical place. Like the place where you find the kind of things you see in movies.  Let me elaborate:

The first day we flew into the city of puerto montt. Then we took a bus ride ON A FERRY from the village of Pargua.  It was my first time on a Ferry, it was a really kool experience for sure. Then we after we crossed, we took the bus to the penguin islands of  Bahía de Puñihuil. These isands are a national monument in Chile. At one point I remember looking out of the bus window and seeing us crossing a small creek of some sort (Yea there was water right below the bus). Then we went to a really nice restaurant and ate. Satisfecho. Then we all walked out into a beach with a cloudy, windy and rainy mood. The islands in the distance seemed to fade into a majestic painting you would see in a museum.  We took a boat ride from there and circled the islands. Saw a few penguins. Some were even lucky enough to spot a few dolphin fins!! (Not me though L). That entire ride honestly felt like I was part of someone’s novel. So tranquillo mane.

Then we went to our hotel in the city of Castro.  We all got to enjoy some fish –n-chips for our dinner appetizer. Satisfecho. The guys all got to say in our own separate cabins afterwards. It was a good time to say the least.

The next day some of us went to the farm of Don Luis located in Chonchi. Wow Don Luis IS the man. He is one of the most energetic human being my eyes have yet to witness. We can constantly running around and bringing herds of farm animals out of the blue. But really though. One minute he is gone. We are left alone, staring into large pieces of green grass. Then we see a lean old figure with a phenomenal beard come running out of the woods with a heard of sheep.

Then the next day we were at the city of Cucao. On our way to the hostel we stopped at a beach and saw the sunset (always a win win situation). Then I kid you not, we stayed at the FANCIEST hostel EVER. Wow. The place had a HUGE round glass with a view of the lake surrounding the place. Michal and I even snuck out during the FREEZING cold to take some sick photos of the Milky Way! Saw the most beautiful stars ever!

The next day we hiked through the national park of Chiloe which ended with a spectacular beach. We could see the mountains in the distance as the waves of the ocean made their way on the beach in synchronized strides.

Magical it was Indeed. iNDEEd it was Magica

P.S If you want pics, take a peek at the last blog post! P.S titled "Almost  a full review"-cause its never a full review, you R just going to have to vist it one day for yourself to see it for its entirety. 



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