What is home?

Sheron Mathew
September 15, 2016

What is home? Where is home? What defines home? For me the concept of home has been very hard to define. Ever since I was a kid, I have been constantly moving to a new city or country. Though I have strong associations with my country of origin, I do not think it can be defined as my “home.” Is home where your family is? Maybe. But I can’t tell you what home is for you. The idea of home is something I have been contemplating recently. I have come to the conclusion that home is not a concrete place; it’s a bit more abstract in my opinion. There are numerous songs with lyrics stating that, “home is where the heart is.” When you really think about it, it makes complete sense.

Right now, I am almost half way done with my study abroad experience. By now, I have found my sense of routine. I know when to go into the kitchen for breakfast, what to put on my “pan” (bread) when manjar runs out, I have figured out the shortcuts to the IES Abroad center when I am short on time (pretty much everyday), finally learned my bike route to my university class, content with using the metro system, and even interacting with a class with all Chilean students, feeling comfortable to be living with my host family as well as our daily dinner conversations.

But I lied. Sorry. Studying abroad is different, it has allowed for me to break the routine. That’s why this experience has been nothing short of amazing. Everywhere else that I have lived, I HAD to stick to my routine. Deviating from the “schedule” was hard to do. But in Chile, I am learning independence. The size of the city itself is enough to keep my mind occupied. Almost every day, I notice something new, or something different. Sometimes I get lost in the busyness of the city: both literally and figuratively (as the highs of studying abroad come down everyonce in a while). Yet these novel discoveries allow for me to keep my brain moving. They keep every day more interesting than it would have been if I had stuck to the “routine.” I enjoy that flexibility.

We had our first “non-chaperoned” trip this past weekend. It was AMAZING (will talk about it in the next blog). I realized what home is for me during this trip. I learned that my heart belongs to traveling. Thus, my home is wherever I am traveling. The location, it does not matter. All that matters is that I am experiencing something new and seeing the beauty of this world. But traveling alone will not make you happy (atleast it wont make me happy). Being able to share the wonderful moments you experience with others of similar eagerness is what makes the experience more memorable and enjoyable. So yea, my home is where the heart is. Right now, my home is Chile.

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