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Día de Gracias

Sheron Mathew
November 29, 2016

Día de Gracias

So last Thursday was the official good bye day for most of our IES ABROAD SANTIAGO FALL 2017 CREW. We shared our last supper with a nice, yet different, thanks giving Farwell (día de gracias) experience. Although there was no cranberry sauce, Maria Carmen’s (our program director) mashed potatoes were OUT OF THIS country (it was delish). All of our host families came to share this wonderful meal. Each family brought a salad and students made desert (well, only Langley and Emily made dessert, the rest of us bought postre (dessert) from the store).

Tyler and Ryan introduced everyone to our nightly festivities and we began with Ryan’s sick guitar skills. Then his host mom (a singer by trade) shared few of her songs with us. Then we TRIED to watch a video I put together, but due to song copyrights YouTube failed me… So I ran home, got my laptop, ran back and played it from my computer. Everyone enjoyed it. It holds some of our memories from throughout the semester, starting with our first trip to Valparaiso to the Halloween party. (I have attached a short version of it below!)

As the night carried on the IES Abroad building was left with just us. The BEST IES Abroad staff around and our IES Abroad crew. We sat and talked. Then we said our good byes as most people were leaving in the next couple hours for their final adventures between Chile and Argentina.


Sheron Mathew

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