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<p>I was once told that acting is professional lying. But in my work and in my art I&#39;m constantly reminded that we&#39;re all looking for truth, whether that be the simple truth of a friend&#39;s laughter or the truth of a moment in time. And that&#39;s why I&#39;m here, to find a little bit more. I&#39;m sure I&#39;ll come across something.</p>

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I'm back in the United States. I'm sitting on Elizabeth's couch right now, under many blankets and boxes of greasy, American take out. I've been back for nearly...

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I’ve known Elena for three years now. We actually met on the very first day of our freshmen year of college. At the ice cream social in fact. And from then on...

Shannon Sotomayor,


I'm not sure if I believe in coincidences or not, but in moments of doubt or despair, I always find something.

Shannon Sotomayor,

The Chemist's Song

On the way to Oscar Wilde's childhood house we go. It is Wednesday evening, and the sun has already set. On the way, my class chats with our professor, Kristian...