The Importance of Being Actors

Shannon Sotomayor
February 15, 2016

Roses are red

Violetes are blue

Nothing quite beats a performance

From actors like you

In all seriousness, it takes an incredible amount of trust, strength, and creativity to form a successful and positive ensemble. In the professional world, these collectives choose each other based on common goals and practices, but we came together by circumstance and sheer luck. And for that I am grateful. 

It’s one thing to push eight random people into a room and say, “Okay. Now bond. BOND.” But between all of the work we’ve created together for each other and for ourselves, I’ve realized how grateful I am to have each and every one of you in the room with me. I trust you, I respect you, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Happy Valentine’s Day comrades.




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Shannon Sotomayor

<p>I was once told that acting is professional lying. But in my work and in my art I&#39;m constantly reminded that we&#39;re all looking for truth, whether that be the simple truth of a friend&#39;s laughter or the truth of a moment in time. And that&#39;s why I&#39;m here, to find a little bit more. I&#39;m sure I&#39;ll come across something.</p>

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