March Winds and April Showers

Shannon Sotomayor
March 19, 2016

The weather is warming, vibes are grooving, and reality is sinking in. "I thought we all agreed - no more talk of time." This is what we keep reminding each other as classes and projects and shows are quickly coming to an end. 

"March winds

and April showers

make way for 

sweet May flowers"

It's Saturday evening. The madness of Saint Patrick's Day has passed. Crunch time looms as three performances draw near. The eight of us spend a few hours rehearsing a big, cheesy, American musical number for the opening of our first showcase on Monday. I've never been a part of an ensemble before, and I've never known how frustrating and rewarding that community could be. But as I stared around at this lovely group, cramped together in one of our apartments, I was reminded of the power and beauty of collective creativity. Kait whips out her cello; Naomi picks out a harmony; KC and Melanie work out the canon at the end of the song; and we somehow pull it all together.

"If you come with me

you'll know

how the lamps

in the park

look like God

in the dark

as they glow"

I'm grateful to us eight. We've spent each day carving out little moments in different worlds to show to each other. Some days we search, some we dig, and some days we come up with gold. And it's finally time to reveal what our hearts have cultivated.

Here we go, lads.

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