Babes in Belfast

Shannon Sotomayor
March 2, 2016

This past weekend, the acting and IES Abroad students traveled to Northern Ireland. Here's the places we visitied, and the weirdness that ensued:

1. Castle Ward, Game of Thrones Winterfell set

     Archery, mountain biking, campfires, rain, mud, despair.

2. St. Patrick's Cathedral

     Supposedly Saint Patrick's official burial site. The keeper was skeptical and sassy.

3. Belfast, woo!

     We stayed there for approximately 30 hours. Technically a visit, yeah?

4. The Dirty Onion Bar

     Hip and chill. Very European.

5. Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge

     Terrifying, thrilling, inspired me to become a hermit.

6. Bushmills Whiskey Distillery

     Tried twelve year old whiskey. Grand.

7. The Smuggler's Inn

8. Giant's Causeway

     No one cares if you climb past the "Don't Climb" signs. It's worth it.

9. The Peace Wall

     Kind of an oxymoron in theory and practice.

10. Hillsborough Castle

     This is where the Queen stays when she visits Northern Ireland, which according to the tour guide is apparently never.

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