Kate Semmler

<p>I am studying International Law with the hopes of proceeding into a government career. I love a good debate regarding politics and enjoy meeting people from all over the world. I am a huge fan of the outdoors and am very interested in other cultures - I am minoring in Russian! I've always considered myself an old soul and love all things rock n' roll.</p>

2019 Summer 1
2019 Summer 2
Home University:
Indiana University
South Bend, IN
International Studies

Blogs by Kate Semmler

Kate Semmler,

Farewell Party

I asked some of the people I met while studying abroad at the farewell party what they were going to miss most and what they were most excited to go back to.

Kate Semmler,

Like the Romans Do

Just a brief guide on what you are watching in my vlog, which is linked. My first week in Rome was filled with so many new things!