Germany Weekend

Kate Semmler
August 16, 2019

During my time abroad, I was lucky enough to visit Köln, Germany. My best friend was nannying for a family in this town, and therefore I was able to not only see the city, but the suburbs. We met a professional German soccer team, explored the city, and drank their famous Kölsch. I must say, Germany was everything I expected it to be and more! I was raised in a very German household, as my father's is our family's first generation in the United States. I hope to go back and explore more of the cities and meet more people! It was a switch-up from Italy in many regards, but I wouldn't say I liked one more than the other. My video is linked below, hope you enjoy and see why I fell in love with this beautiful city and culture after only two days.

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Kate Semmler

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