Never Leaving

Kate Semmler
June 24, 2019

Ciao! Last weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Pompei and the Amalfi Coast. This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We all keep talking about it and how incredible it was and laugh about all the memories we made during it! We started off the weekend taking a bus to Pompei and going on a tour of the ruins. Pictures do not do these places justice! Then we got on a bus in 100 degree heat without A/C to get to our wine tasting/lunch just at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius. The vineyard was beautiful and we even had a chance to talk a bit with the owner. We then got back on the bus to go to Sorrento which is where our hotel for the night was. The drive to Sorrento was gorgeous. Nothing but winding roads and scenic coastal views. The hotel had a rooftop pool overlooking the town and the coast. We ate an incredible three course dinner and then went out to enjoy Sorrento's ecclectic nightlife.

The next day we hopped on yet another bus that took us to Positano! The pictures of the colorful buildings lining the side of hills is exactly how it looked- I was in awe. We swam a bit and got a bite to eat before heading on a boat tour of the Amalfi Coast which ended in the town of Amalfi. There we swam and enjoyed the heat while trying to not think about having to ever leave these gorgeous cities. Finally, the day ended and we headed back onto a bus to Rome. I will never forget this trip and the peaceful feeling of swimming in the water with new friends, new places and new experiences unfolding.

If you want to see my video, it is linked below!

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