It Really Was Leaning

Kate Semmler
July 13, 2019

Though I am a bit delayed in the uploading/posting process, I promise I am going to take you all through a lot more interesting places. The next stop on my Italian summer landed me in Florence/Pisa for an incredible weekend. The art in Florence alone made the trip worthwhile. Pieces you never thought you'd see in person hanging in front of you is jaw-dropping. Florence has incredible landscapes and equally exquisite architecture! Then we spent the next day in Pisa. This was the highlight of my trip up to that point. I loved Pisa. The town is so quiet and truly Italian. To see the tower actually leaning was horrifying but also fascinating all at once. We ended up in the University of Pisa's botanical gardens, listening to the Beatles and wondering how we got so blessed to be on this incredible adventure.

If you want to watch it all, link is below!!

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