How We Celebrated Thanksgiving Around the World

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Studying abroad doesn’t mean you have to give up celebrating holidays from back home. Our fall students and Center staff made Thanksgiving their own with elaborate dinners, community potlucks, and even a good old fashioned barbeque! Check out these Instagram-worthy photos from their events.


@IESabroadAmsterdam brought fall-themed décor to the table that would even make your Grandma jealous. Cleaned plates and smiling faces meant this Thanksgiving was done right!


@IESabroadBerlin had a full table and even fuller plates at their potluck-style Thanksgiving feast. Looks lecker!

buenos aires_thanksgiving
Buenos Aires

Thanksgiving barbeque on @IESabroadBuenosAires’s beautiful terrace? Yes, please!


In Dublin, Thanksgiving wasn’t just one day, it was three! Staff and students celebrated Thanksgiving with a pitch-in dinner, complete with a huge table full of various Thanksgiving delights. In the spirit of giving back, the student-run Community Council also organized two events open to the public and other American students in Dublin. The proceeds from the events benefited a local charity. Check out the featured Instagram story on @IESabroadDublin’s account for a full recap of all the fun!

European Union

Thanksgiving dinner with your professors? Why not! Our @IESabroadEU students took a break on their field trip to visit the South Member States to grab a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.


The @IESabroadGranada students swapped their tapas for pavo when a local restaurant transformed into the perfect venue for a big Thanksgiving. We're thinking that Thanksgiving tapas should be a thing!


Our @IESabroadMilan students in the Service Learning course spent the day giving back to the community. The students cooked a traditional Thanksgiving feast at a community center for disadvantaged children where they volunteer weekly.


What a ‘nice’ Thanksgiving photo taken by our @IESabroadNice center before dinner. Come on, there’s always room on Thanksgiving for a good joke!


It’s true, a grocery stocked with turkeys may be harder to find in Europe, but @IESabroadRome found a crafty way to get a turkey on the table.


Thanksgiving at the dorms never looked so good! The @IESabroadSalamanca students snapped an obligatory group photo standing in front of one of USAL’s picturesque campus buildings.


The @IESabroadShanghai students had a packed schedule on Thanksgiving. To help burn some calories before the evening’s feast, they enjoyed a morning walking tour of Shanghai’s former French Concession. The celebrations continued with a fun-filled student talent show and a big dinner at the Shanghai Marriott to commemorate the Center’s 10-year anniversary and Thanksgiving!


Tutti a tavolo a mangiare! The @IESabroadSiena students filled the local osteria with hungry stomachs and eager smiles for Thanksgiving dinner.

Stay up to date on all the celebrations going on at our IES Abroad Centers. Follow @iesabroad on Instagram where you’ll find Center highlights, student takeovers, and much more! Check out our program finder to see where your study abroad journey will take you!

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