Study Abroad in Salamanca

What to Expect in Salamanca

Stroll through Salamanca’s Old City (a UNESCO World Heritage Site!), and you’ll get lost in the beauty of the aged architecture, like the Baroque styling of the Plaza Mayor in the heart of the city. 

Study abroad in Salamanca where you can dive into the local student culture and let this charming city come to feel like home. In Salamanca, university culture will surround you in this city with a strong heritage of education. 

Many people flock to this university town because Salamancans’ Spanish is one of the easiest to understand, making it easy for you to communicate and experience a full immersion into the Spanish culture when you study in Salamanca. 

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Top 5 Things to Do in Salamanca

Spot the Frog at the University of Salamanca
Find the small frog for good luck passing your exams!
Visit Plaza Mayor
Grab a café con leche and people watch in this enchanting public square.
Tour Cathedrals
Attend the Ieronimus tower tour to see spectacular views of the city.
Unwind at Casa de las Conchas
This architectural gem is also a public library!
Explore Casa Lis
The building is just as beautiful as the works of art inside.

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