Study Abroad in Shanghai

What to Expect in Shanghai

Study abroad in Shanghai and join over 26 million citizens who call Shanghai—the largest and most developed city in China—home. 

A thoroughly modern city risen from a fishing village less than 100 years ago, Shanghai has been heavily influenced by Western business, culture, and architecture. 

 If you're searching for a rapidly changing, dynamic city in which to study abroad, Shanghai is your destination. Learn the impact of such rapid modernization on local customs and the environment. You can practice your Chinese, study business in this bustling metropolis, do a full-time summer internship, and more through our four Shanghai study abroad programs. 

Languages Spoken: 
Chinese, Shanghainese
Humid Subtropical
Renminbi (RMB)
Time Zone: 

Top 5 Things to Do in Shanghai

Enjoy Local Festivals
Immerse yourself in Chinese customs and traditions at the Lantern Festival or the Shanghai Tourism Festival.
Eat & Shop in Xintiandi
Explore Xintiandi’s North and South Blocks, where the past meets present in this chic shopping and dining district.
Go on a Huangpu River Night Cruise
Take a boat ride around the Bund to see the beauty of Shanghai architecture in all its glory!
Visit Yuyuan Garden & City God Temple Bazaar
See the extensive garden and then walk the bridge that connects the two to shop at the Bazaar.
Visit Shanghai Disneyland
It is a small world after all! Plan a trip to the famous Disney theme park, filled with attractions you know and love, and new ones, too.

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