Study Abroad in Amsterdam

What to Expect in Amsterdam

Known for its liberal views and open-minded attitude, the residents of this cozy city welcome you to study abroad in Amsterdam. 

You can ride through the scenic canals, visit the Anne Frank House, take a walking tour of the city’s different neighborhoods, and meet professionals working at local and global organizations while studying abroad in Amsterdam, where every day it brings something new to explore. 

You’ll adore the lovely canals and old European charm that make up this enchanting city. Because the city planning hasn’t changed much since the 19th century, you’ll appreciate the architecture and historic homes that color the city, not to mention the tulips. And you can’t leave without seeing the windmills! 

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Temperate Oceanic
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Top 5 Things to Do in Amsterdam

Cycle Everywhere
Whether for a leisurely ride or your daily commute to class, you can rent or buy a cheap bike and get around in one of the most bicycle-friendly cities the way the Dutch do!
Enjoy Traditional Dutch Dishes
From excellent coffee and sweet stroopwafels to more unusual fare like thick fries with Dutch-Indonesian peanut sauce, eating in Amsterdam is a real treat.
Shop the Street Market
Stock up on fresh produce, cheese, and other food, as well as souvenirs and gifts at the Albert Cuypmarkt. Or dig for the perfect find at the IJ-Hallen vintage market.
Appreciate Art
Explore diverse museums, from the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum to lesser known gems like the Museum Willet-Hothuysen and the Foam Photography Museum.
Swing Out Over Amsterdam
For a thrill, try riding the swings found on the observation deck on the new A’DAM Tower. Or just marvel at the beautiful 360° views of the city.

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