Study Abroad in Cambridge

What to Expect in Cambridge

When you study abroad in Cambridge, you’ll join the ranks of historic and contemporary scholars that have called this city home. 

Take classes at the world-renowned University of Cambridge that has served as one of the academic powerhouses of the English-speaking world for centuries. Your classmates and professors come from around the world and offer their international perspectives to small-class discussions. Engage in the unique Cambridge-style learning to strengthen your critical thinking, research, and writing skills. 

Outside of the classroom, enjoy all that the city of Cambridge has to offer. Punt along the River Cam, hike to Castle Mound for a panoramic view, and discover your new favorite cafes and shops on Mill Road. A hub for arts and culture, Cambridge hosts a number of theaters, music venues, and outdoor festivals. 

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Top 5 Things to Do in Cambridge

Relax & Unwind in the Parks
Walk the meadowland trails of Coe Fen, people watch in Christ’s Pieces, or lounge on the grass with friends at Parker’s Piece.
Attend the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival
Take in the Bard’s comedies and tragedies at one of the Top UK Arts Festivals hosted in the gardens of Cambridge colleges.
Punt on the River Cam
Whether you hire a guide or try your own hand at punting, a cruise on these iconic boats offers a beautiful tour of the town and University.
Shop in Market Square
Open daily, vendors in Market Square invite you to taste local and international cuisine, find the perfect souvenir, and buy fresh produce.
Explore Museums & Gardens
Lose track of time wandering through Fitzwilliam Museum, the Polar Museum, and Botanic Garden.

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