Fish & Chips & More: Food in London

Eli Mccoy
July 22, 2021

Where do I begin when it comes to talking about food in London? The answer to that is pretty easy if I’m being honest. I could write this entire blog post solely about fish and chips and all the different places I tried it, but that would be absurd (unless someone would be interested in that, then it’s not a problem at all). The food here has its ups and downs but I’ve done my best to single out some food tips, items, and places that are necessary to try if you are visiting London for the first time. Now, I’m obviously a little biased when it comes to food because I will quite literally try anything once, but the best fish in chips in town, nay in England by far has got to be the ones out of FishKitchen found in Borough Market. They are crushing the game with both their food and prices it’s just a steal. Please do check them out if you ever get the chance, tell them Eli McCoy sent you, they will not understand that at all but it would be funny to me. Now that fish and chips are off the table it’s time to talk about the foods that you may not want to eat unless you’re a little adventurous.

Black Pudding is hard to sell to someone once they learn what's inside it. When I first had it, I was unaware and I thought it was alright and then I learned that it was dried pig’s blood mixed with oatmeal and was a little turned off my meal for a bit, but it came to grow on me. The same goes for Haggis in Scotland, which I thought was actually really good compared to the Black Pudding. If you’re in either England or Scotland you have to try each at least once, almost as a rite of passage. Finally, the final must in my opinion is Jaffa Cakes. These delectable little pastries come in the form of orange jelly covered with chocolate on a little cake. I can easily put down fifty of these on a good day, and they are truly game-changers in the world of sweet treats.

Finally, I’m sure that everyone is interested in my tips and tricks for cheap food in London. If you’re balling on a budget you have to hit places like Greggs, which serves cheap pastries, hot, and quick that won’t break the bank. They have sausage rolls for a pound, chicken bakes for a pound sixty, and donuts from ninety pence up. Greggs PR if you’re reading this please open up shop in the U.S. and sponsor me. If you really don’t want to break the bank you can download an app called 2Good2Go which lets you purchase the food that restaurants would normally have to throw out at the end of the day for extremely reduced prices. Just the other day I got a surprise bag from Greggs for the equivalent of four USD and received three sandwiches and six donuts, talk about a steal. The best bang for your buck comes from these two places, so eat on, and try out the fish and chips at least once.

Eli Mccoy

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